[Traditional Dutch waffles with caramel filling] Stroopwafels recipe


You never heard of Stroopwafels? As funny as the name sounds these sweeties (yes, “sweeties” is by far the most suitable expression because actually there are superduper sweet!) were first made in the Netherlands during the 19th century in a city named Gouda. When you are in the Netherland there is no way to miss this speciality.

Stroopwafel_Caprisserie.Blog4For those who never heard of it before, basically Stroopwafels are waffles made from two thin layers of dough with a caramel syrup filling in the middle. In the Netherlands it’s typical to place the waffle over a hot drink to warm it and soften the syrup before eating it. But of course there are as well an excellent addition to any other drink.

But don’t worry if you never been to the Netherlands before, this recipe will bring you directly to our dutch friends, at least in a culinary sense!

As you can see the waffles are highly thin and when I first read recipes I was very surprised about the fact that the waffles are sliced by a knife and then filled with the caramel. I have to admit that this step is very hard and you have to work very fast because after you remove the waffles from the iron they are immediately starting to become hard.

Therefore if the slicing doesn’t work for you, your can as well press together two whole waffles with caramel filling in between; it’s way more easy and you don’t burn your fingers! In addition you can try new combinations and fillings such as nutella, honey, marmelade, heavy cream.. Even ice cream (I really like that combination!).



for the waffles:
200 g flour
50 g brown sugar
50 g whole cane sugar
100 g butter
1 egg
1 tbsp. cold water
pinch of salt
optional: 0,5 tbsp. cinnamon

for the caramel filling:
50 g butter
50 g brown sugar
150 g sugar beet syrup


  1. Preheat waffle iron.
    Note: You don’t need to brush the iron with oil or butter because the dough contains to much butter, that the waffles won’t stick.
  2. For the waffles: Mix all ingredients together (flour, both sugars, butter, the egg, salt and cinnamon) until a smooth kneadable dough comes out.
  3. For the caramel filling: Melt sugar and syrup until sugar has completely solved. At last add the butter and stir until smooth dark brown caramel comes out.
  4. Form small dough balls (about 30 – 35 grams). Pour dough balls into the center of the waffle iron. Bake until the waffle ist light brown. Remove from heat and immeadiately slice the waffel with a very sharp knife. Pour 1 tbsp. of the caramel filling on one side of the waffle and top with the other half. Place on a wire rack to cool completely. Continue like this with the other waffles.
    Note: If the slicing doesn’t work you can as well press together two whole waffles with caramel filling in between.


Have a wonderful sunday!

Lots of love,


[So ready for my favourite season of the year] carrot cake with caramelized walnuts

DSC_1371Today I show you my favourite recipe for a delicious carrot cake which is the perfect start into spring season (my favourite season of the year!) and makes by the way an ideal Easter treat!

The recipe comes together with some news or more precisely some transformation in my personal life and the reason why I have been so absent the last months. I am now taking the last steps to finally complete my master’s degree. I am lucky to have the possibilty to write my master thesis in cooperation with a company and I am very thankful for this opportunity. But this means moving away from my beautiful and beloved Hamburg. Last month I got the keys for my new apartment in another great city in Germany, Frankfurt. I am very excited to get to know another city and to start a new job! Because this change needed a lot of preparation, I was not able to prepare posts for you in the past. I hope after a short time of acclimatization I can present you more recipes and stories again (Unfortuntely I have to admit that I don’t have an oven in my new flat – But I’ll make the best of it!)

But now, some words about this today’s sweety! This moist and absolutely not dry (!) cake can be baked 1-2 days ahead so you are not going to stress yourself during Easter. You can taste the different aroma of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg and sometimes an intense sweetness when biting onto a caramlized walnut. The refreshing frosting is the perfect completion and can be topped by these little carrots made out of marzipan which are of course eatable!

I hope you gonna enjoy your Easter days and the warm temperatures (Frankfurt is so much warmer than Hamburg!). I can’t wait to be home for Easter to celebrate with my family and of course I have to bake this cake again! And here is the recipe for you:


Carrot cake with caramelized walnuts

280 g butter
280 g brown sugar
1 tsp. vanilla sugar
5 eggs
170 g flour
pinch of salt
2 tsp. baking powder
120 g grounded almonds
60 g walnuts
30 g white sugar
1 tsp. cinnamon
pinch of nutmeg
0,5 tsp. ginger powder
280 g grated carrots
120 g mascarpone
220 g cream cheese
80 g confectioners sugar
2 tbsp. lemon juice


  1. Preheat oven to 180° degrees. Prepare a baking pan or 8 small baking pans as I did by oiling them.
  2. Caramilze the walnuts by boiling 30 g sugar and 30 g water until it shines light brown. Add the waldnuts and mix. When they are turning brown remove and put separately on baking paper.
  3. Separate eggs and beat egg whites, with a pinch of salt, until stiff.
  4.  In another bowl mix together butter and white sugar until very creamy (the longer you mix the better the batter will be). Add egg yolks one after another and vanilla extract until nicely incorporated.
  5. Now add the flour, baking powder, carrots, almonds and walnuts – Do not overmix! At last add stiff egg whites. Pour batter into the prepared baking pan.
  6. Bake for 45-50 minutes (depends on your oven!).
  7. For the frosting: Cream together all the ingredients with an electric mixer. Spead cream onto the cakes and decorate as you like (these little carrots are available in every well-stocked supermarket).


Happy Easter everybody!



[Sweeten up the holiday countdown] Chocolate Hazelnut Cake with Mascarpone Giotto frosting


Just two more weeks until Chistmas Eve will be there! Every time the same questions pop up: Will I have all the presents by that day? Didn’t I forget to buy a present for someone? Will I be in time with the whole christmas decoration? When shall we buy the christmas tree? And most important: What do we eat at Christmas Eve?

I have to admit that I haven’t got an answer for the first 4 questions. But at least the question for this years’ christmas dessert is already answered! And I promise this cake will definitely sweeten up your holiday countdown!

As you already know my family is asking me every yeat to create the dessert for Christmas Eve and every year the same tough question appears: To find a dessert which will be loved by everyone in my family. Last year the Bellini cake won the competetion and was last year’s sweet christmas dessert. I am still dreaming of the fluffy and intense Bellini filling which was the highlight of the cake! But this year something with more chocolate was in great demand (thanks to my dad who is the biggest chocolate fan I know so far!).


So, this cake is the perfect choice for your next afternoon tea or as this year’s christmas dessert or the highlight at every coffee date during the advent season. Some words about what’s inside this fancy cake. The 8 layers of biskuit are made with dark chocolate and grounded hazelnuts. Between the layers is a nougat filling and the frosting is made with mascarpone and unsweetened cacao powder. The chocolate decoration runs down the cake and is the perfect base for the chocolate tuffs and Giottos. Top with a few sparkler this beauty will be a wonderful highlight at your New Years Eve Party!



Chocolate Hazelnut Cake with Mascarpone Giotto frosting

for the chocolate biskuits:
125 g dark chocolate
6 eggs
125 g butter
40 g confectioner’s sugar
pinch of salt
150 g white sugar
125 flour
2 tbsp. baking powder

for the hazelnut biskuits:
125 g dark chocolate
6 eggs
125 g butter
40 g confectioner’s sugar
pinch of salt
150 g white sugar
65 g flour
60 g grounded hazelnuts
2 tbsp. baking powder

for the frosting:
500 g mascarpone
200 g heavy cream
2 tbsp. vanilla sugar
200 g confectioner’s sugar
1-2 tbsp. unsweetened cacao powder
12 Giottos (or any other sweet praliné)

250 g nougat or Nutella

for the chocolate layer:
200 g dark chocolate
20 g butter


  1. Preheat oven to 175°C. Layer 4 small baking pans with baking paper.
  2. Prepare the chocolate biskuits: Melt dark chocolate. Meanwhile separate the eggs and beat the egg whites until stiff while adding the white sugar. In another bowl mix butter with confectioner’s sugar. Then add the egg yolks. Now add the melted chocolate. Sift the flour, salt and baking powder. Add to the mix together with the stiff egg whites. Just mix until incorporated. Then divide dough into two batches and pour into 2 of the 4 prepared baking pans. Bake for 25 minutes (depents on your oven).
  3. Prepare the hazelnut biskuits analog to the chocolate biskuits by adding the grounded hazelnuts together with the flour. Bake both biskuits and let them cool completely. Now divide all four cakes in the middle until you get 8 cake bottoms of the same size.
  4. Prepare the frosting: In one bowl beat the heavy cream together with the vanilla sugar. In another bowl mix the mascarpone, confectioners sugar and cacao powder. Combine both mixes.
  5.  Now start layering by taking the first cake bottom and pour over 2 tbsp. of nougat. Top with the next cake bottom. Repeat this with the other cakes bottoms. In the end cover the whole cake with the Mascarpone forsting. Fill the rest of the mascarpone cream into a piping bag and put into the fridge.
  6. Now prepare the chocolate decoration. Melt the chocolate and butter and just pour it over the cake so the chocolate will run down the sides of the cake. Let the chocolate mix cool.
  7. Take the frosting in the piping bag and pipe little tuffs all over the cake. Decorate with Giottos and optional with sparkler.


Have a lovely christmas time!