[Bahlsen Roadshow – Meet me in the show kitchen!] + super easy dark & white chocolate Cookie crumble with mascarpone


There are some exciting news to announce! Maybe some of you have already seen the announcement on my Instagram account. Do you remember my trip to the Bahlsen CBA in Munich, where I spent an amazing weekend and had the opportunity to meet other awesome bloggers, experts and of course the lovely girls from Bahlsen? Now the next sweet tooth project is following!

This year Bahlsen started their big Roadshow “Sweet on Streets” through Germany to treat you with heavenly variations of different cookies and toppings, new recipes and sweet trends! The stops with the mobile Bahlsen show kitchen will be at different festivals throughout 7 cities in Germany! For more information visit the sweet on streets website.

bahlsen cube

At the stops you have the opportunity to taste the latest baking trends which just came over from Brooklyn (for some more information just visit the lovely blogs from zuckerzimtundliebe and bake a wish). We are going to share with you some treats, which are inspired by the latest modern baking trends coming from Brooklyn. That means basic recipes get some twists and are refined by using new and delicious ingredients such as marshmallows, sea salt, poppy seed… Sounds good, right?

Now the exciting news: I’m part in it! From the 19. to 21. June you can visit me in the show kitchen at the Bahlsen Cube at the biggest festival in Northern Germany, the Kieler Woche!! I will also take over the Bahlsen Instagram to give you some live updates!!

mee behlen

For those who aren’t able to come to the Kieler Woche, the Bahlsen Roadshow will as well visit the following cities:

  • 04. – 05.07. Buntes Altona, Hamburg
  • 17. – 18. 07. Sony Center, Berlin
  • 07- . 09.08. Cityfestival, Cologne
  • 28. – 30.08. Museumsfest, Frankfurt
  • 11. – 13.09. Streetlife Festival, Munich

There you can visit other lovely bloggers! In Hamburg you will meet Kathrin from Fleurcoquet, Heidi from die feinschmeckerin will be in Berlin and Frankfurt, Carla Kroketti from bake a wish in Cologne and you will meet Jeanny from zuckerzimtundliebe in Munich!

So make sure to keep one day free and come along to have delicious ‘Sweets on Streets’ and many other surprises! I am looking forward to meeting you and enjoy the latest sweet trends, which came right from NYC with you!

To have a small cookie foretaste I created a super easy dessert, which is fast in making and perfect with your favorite cookies!


Dark & white chocolate Cookie crumble with mascarpone

250 g mascarpone
150 g yoghurt
100 g cottage chesse
2 tbsp. Sugar
1 tbsp. Vanilla extract
250 g strawberries
3 tbsp. blueberries
6 of your favorite cookies (I took the delicious Triple chocolate cookies from Bahlsen)


  1. Cream together the mascarpone, yogurt, cottage cheese, sugar and vanilla extract.
  2. Wash strawberries and cut into smaller chunks. Wash blueberries as well.
  3. Crumble cookies in tall glasses (or any other bowl) and one after another add the cream and fruit until all gone. Cover with lots of cookie crumbs.


Have fun!

I am looking forward to meeting you, guys!



[chocolate bomb for rainy and snowy study days] chocolate lava cake


What is the best thing about exam periods and hours of studying?

Of course the STUDY SNACKS. Due to the fact that I am right in the middle of my exam period I try to treat myself with delicious sweet snacks between hours of Food economics, Food law and molecular nutrition. This chocolate bomb is the perfect culinary motivation to gain energy for the next study session . I call it chocolate bomb because it contains a lot of chocolate, even for all hardcore chocolate lovers out there (and if this is not enough chocolate for you, then you have to combine this sweety with chocolate sauce, chocolate sprinkles and chocolate ice cream..)


But for me, this chocolate bomb with it’s moist and rich chocolate cake and the creamy, tender and liquid chocolate center was exactely what I needed after studying the whole morning. So, now It’s time for your break, to taste the chocolate explosion in your mouth! The clue in this recipe is the quality of the chocolate (the better the chocolate, the better the cake!). I took my favourite brand with 70% cacao (if you like it sweeter then just take your favourite milk chocolate with 45-55 % cacao).

So, today forget about counting calories and just enjoy!


Chocolate lava cake

90 g butter
90 g dark chocolate
3 eggs
110 g sugar
55 g flour
15 g cacao powder
for extra chocolate: 6 small pieces of chocolate


  1. Over an waterbath melt butter and chocolate together until completeley melted. Add the sugar and eggs and cream together.
  2. Preheat oven to 200°C and prepare small oven-safe dishes or cups by oiling them. Add the flour and cacao powder to the mix and pour into the prepared dishes.
  3. For an extra chocolate flavour press a piece of chocolate in every cup until it’s completelely covered with the dough.
  4. Bake for 10 minutes until the egdes are slightly brown and hard but the center is still soft. Serve warm with powdered sugar or ice cream.




Have fun baking!



[sweet semifreddo Lasagne] Caramel Apple cookie crumble Lasagne


Well, with this recipe it is official autumn for me!  Time for apples, nuts, pumkins, Halloween, long movie nights, rainy walks outside and cold weather. I am not a big fan of this dark and rainy time of the year, therefore I wanted to make the start of this season more easy. And is there anything better than an easy dessert together with a hot tea while sitting on your cozy sofa and watch the rain outside?

    DSC_0763   DSC_0767                         

I have to admit that i love italian food, of course the typical dishes as pizza, pasta and Lasagne, but also the sweet things as ice cream, Tiramisu or Cantuccini. Inspired by italian influences I thought about a dessert which is not that typical in Italy: A sweet Lasagne! The clue of this recipe is that it is based on different layers of apples, cookies, caramel and a smooth creamcheese cream.

Holidays for your soul!



Caramel Apple cookie Crumble Lasagne

3-4 apples (take a sour one)
juice of 0,5 lemon
1 tbsp. starch flour1 tspb cinnamon
50 g brown sugar
1 tbsp. marple syrup
for the cream:
120 g cream cheese
60 g confectioners sugar
1 tbsp.. brown sugar
1 tbsp.. cinnamon
60 g heavy cream
2 tbspp caramel sauce
300 g cottage cheese
200 g whole wheat cookies
more caramel for decoration


  1. Remove skin of the apples and cut into smaller chunks. Mix with lemon juice. In a bowl whisk together starch flour, brown sugar and cinnamon. Put apples in a saucepan, add dry ingredients and the marple syrup. Let it boil and slowly cooked for about abour 10 minutes or until apples are smooth.
  2. Cream creamcheese together with confectioners sugar, brown sugar, heavy cream and vanilla. At last add cottage cheese and caramel sauce.
  3. Take a casserole or any other dish and pour one third of the cream in it. Crumble cookies and sprinkle half of them on the cream. Take half of the apples on the crumbles. Repeat this layering with the rest of the ingredients: cream, cookie crumbles and apples. The last layer should be cream of cookie crumbles.
  4. Chill for at least 4 hours in the fridge. For an extra cooling effect (semifreddo) put in your freezer for 30 minutes.




Have fun making!