[Bahlsen Roadshow – Meet me in the show kitchen!] + super easy dark & white chocolate Cookie crumble with mascarpone


There are some exciting news to announce! Maybe some of you have already seen the announcement on my Instagram account. Do you remember my trip to the Bahlsen CBA in Munich, where I spent an amazing weekend and had the opportunity to meet other awesome bloggers, experts and of course the lovely girls from Bahlsen? Now the next sweet tooth project is following!

This year Bahlsen started their big Roadshow “Sweet on Streets” through Germany to treat you with heavenly variations of different cookies and toppings, new recipes and sweet trends! The stops with the mobile Bahlsen show kitchen will be at different festivals throughout 7 cities in Germany! For more information visit the sweet on streets website.

bahlsen cube

At the stops you have the opportunity to taste the latest baking trends which just came over from Brooklyn (for some more information just visit the lovely blogs from zuckerzimtundliebe and bake a wish). We are going to share with you some treats, which are inspired by the latest modern baking trends coming from Brooklyn. That means basic recipes get some twists and are refined by using new and delicious ingredients such as marshmallows, sea salt, poppy seed… Sounds good, right?

Now the exciting news: I’m part in it! From the 19. to 21. June you can visit me in the show kitchen at the Bahlsen Cube at the biggest festival in Northern Germany, the Kieler Woche!! I will also take over the Bahlsen Instagram to give you some live updates!!

mee behlen

For those who aren’t able to come to the Kieler Woche, the Bahlsen Roadshow will as well visit the following cities:

  • 04. – 05.07. Buntes Altona, Hamburg
  • 17. – 18. 07. Sony Center, Berlin
  • 07- . 09.08. Cityfestival, Cologne
  • 28. – 30.08. Museumsfest, Frankfurt
  • 11. – 13.09. Streetlife Festival, Munich

There you can visit other lovely bloggers! In Hamburg you will meet Kathrin from Fleurcoquet, Heidi from die feinschmeckerin will be in Berlin and Frankfurt, Carla Kroketti from bake a wish in Cologne and you will meet Jeanny from zuckerzimtundliebe in Munich!

So make sure to keep one day free and come along to have delicious ‘Sweets on Streets’ and many other surprises! I am looking forward to meeting you and enjoy the latest sweet trends, which came right from NYC with you!

To have a small cookie foretaste I created a super easy dessert, which is fast in making and perfect with your favorite cookies!


Dark & white chocolate Cookie crumble with mascarpone

250 g mascarpone
150 g yoghurt
100 g cottage chesse
2 tbsp. Sugar
1 tbsp. Vanilla extract
250 g strawberries
3 tbsp. blueberries
6 of your favorite cookies (I took the delicious Triple chocolate cookies from Bahlsen)


  1. Cream together the mascarpone, yogurt, cottage cheese, sugar and vanilla extract.
  2. Wash strawberries and cut into smaller chunks. Wash blueberries as well.
  3. Crumble cookies in tall glasses (or any other bowl) and one after another add the cream and fruit until all gone. Cover with lots of cookie crumbs.


Have fun!

I am looking forward to meeting you, guys!



[review about my trip to the BahlsenCBA in Munich +] Salted peanuts Caramel Cookies


Last weekend I had the chance to spend an amazing and interesting weekend in beautiful Munich. The reason for this was that last year the german cookie company Bahlsen operated a competition where food bloggers could submit their cookie recipe inspired by some Bahlsen Cookies. The prize was the participation at the first Bahlsen Cookie Academy in Munich where we had the possibility to meet many interesting people and learned a lot.


We spend the weekend at the beautiful Design Offices in Munich surrounded by tons of delicious cookies! During the two days we had the chance to ask all questions about blogging, photographing and learned a lot from the experience of experts like Michael Praetorius, Lea with her blog Hafentelegramm and my favourite food blogger and cook book author Jeanny from zuckerzimtundliebe. It was so much fun to meet the four other blogger girls who also submited and won with their amazing cookie recipes. Of course I will not hold back their lovely blogs which are Fleurcoquet, die feinschmeckerin, bake a wish and Glückseeligkeit!


Some more impressions for you…


Special thanks as well to the very motivated team from Bahlsen who supported the whole weekend!


Thanks again to everyone who made this very memorable and perfectly organised weekend and the photos possible!

… And here is for you, my winning recipe for my interpretation of Bahlsen Cookies…

Salted Peanut Caramel Cookies.Foto

Salted peanuts Caramel Cookies

170 g butter
1 egg
1 egg york
1 tablespoon baking
soda pinch of salt
280 g flour
100 g white sugar
100 g Mascobado sugar (or brown sugar)
1 tablespoon vanilla
1 tablespoon cornstarch
200 g salted peanuts
200 g caramel chocolate candy


  1. In a bowl whisk together flour, salt and baking soda. Melt the butter and let it cool.
  2. In another bowl mix together both sugars and the melted butter. Add egg and egg york one after another. Now add cornstarch and vanilla.
  3. With a wooden spoon mix the dry and wet ingredients together until just incorporated. Now cut penauts and caramel chocolate candy into smaller chunks and add to the dough. Refrigerate dough for at least 12 hours (and up to 2 days).
  4. Preheat oven to 175°C and prepare baking sheets. Form small balls of dough and put them on prepared baking sheets. Bake the cookies for 9-10 minutes. After baking let them cool on the cookie sheets for 10 minutes before moving them to a wire rack to let them cool completely.

Have fun baking!




[…Hurry down the chimney tonight…] ‘Honigkuchen Herz’ alias Gingerbread heart


“…Been an angel all year; Santa baby,
So hurry down the chimney tonight…”

Do you remeber these lyrics somewhere? In there a girl sings about all the things she want for christmas including expensive luxuary presents… It’s the famous song ‘ Santa Baby’ from 1953 from Eartha Kitt. Although these things are not on my christmas list I really love the song and its traditional part of our christmas music. When I thought about something to write on my Honigkuchen Herz (translated: gingerbread heart) these song crossed my mind and I thought its a better choice than the typical “Merry x-mas” or “I love you” which you can find on all the christmas markets.



German christmas markets are really nice not only because of the food, also you can buy many memories there. One of these souveniers are the Gingerbread Hearts decorated with white royal icing. But I do not want to spend money on something you can easily make and bake by yourself. This recipe is a simple and basic one to bake gingerbread. The special thing when baking these ones your own: You can decorate them as you whish and of course you can choose your own slogan on the Gingerbread Cookie.


… And by the way these cookies are perfect little presents for friends, family or doing very well as personalized last minute christmas presents!


Honigkuchen Herz

500 g honey
50 g brown sugar
1 tbsp. vanilla sugar
100 g butter
2 tbsp. milk
2 eggs
pinch of salt
1 tbsp. cinnamon
1 tbsp. gingerbread spice
1 tbsp. instant coffee
2 drops bitter almond extract
1 package baking powder (2 tbsp.)
500 g flour
100 g ground hazelnut
for the icing:
1 egg white
280 g confectioner’s sugar
5 drops of lemon juice


  1. In a pot stir and melt together honey, vanilla sugar, brown sugar, butter and milk on medium heat. After let it cool completely.
  2. In another bowl whisk together spices, salt, baking powder, flour and ground hazelnuts. Take the cooled honey mix and mix with the eggs. At last add the flour mixture to the fluid ingredients.
  3. Preheat oven to 175-200°C and prepare a baking tray with baking paper. Next pour dough on the baking tray (about 1 cm thick). Bake for about 25-30 minutes. Remove from oven and immediately cut out your heart (of course you can cut out one big heart like I did or you can cut out more smaller hearts!).
  4. for the icing: Beat egg white with drops of lemon juice until stiff while adding the confectioner’s sugar. Let it rest for 30 minutes until pouring into an icing bag. Now decorate the gingerbread heart as you wish.
  5. Store at a cool place, beste before 3 weeks.


I gonna take the chance to make a small announcement: In January something big is gonna happen on my blog, so stay tuned!

Have a merry merry christmas!