The girl behind

I am a Hamburg based Food- Blogger with a passion for all the good things in life. I recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Food Science and now focusing on my Master studies. Busy with baking, travelling, hard-working and life-loving while pursuing my dreams.

Because I am more into sweet things in life I knew the name of the blog must be related to them. As you know bakeries in France are called Pâtisserie or boulangerie… Not only I love French baked goods (croissants, macarons, petit fours…) I also like the way they call the places.

Therefore the name of the Blog is a combination of both, my name, Caprice, and the French institutions for baked goods: Caprisserie



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10 thoughts on “The girl behind

  1. Melissa

    Oh Caprice! I’m so glad you made this blog, I’m going to borrow some recipes in a future for sure, great idea on sharing your lovely skills!! Xoxo from Budapest, Melissa 🙂

  2. Carmen Rodríguez

    Caprice!! I remember your love for baking so this is a very good idea haha wish you good luck!!
    I am a very bad cooker but I will try some of your recipes haha
    kisses from Budapest 🙂

  3. Hi Caprice! Glad to have found your blog as I share your love for baking especially the french patisseries 🙂
    Looking forward to explore your amazing blog!
    Btw… Interesting name for the blog 🙂

  4. juliemason5

    You’re a food science major?! I am a nutrition major, I love learning about the science behind food! Love your blog btw.


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